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Peppers (yes!) sausage (yes!) January 24, 2009

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Sometimes I chase after peppers, and sometimes I stumble over them.  Last week in Southern California, I had a surprise roughly comparable to the existence of Saeng’s Orient — the discovery of a fine Hungarian restaurant and deli in a tiny town in the high desert.

Hungarian cuisine is legendary for its promotion and extensive use of paprika peppers, whether in the dry ground form also called paprika, the lip-stinging and lipstick-red preserve called lecsó, or simply as a vegetable to be sliced and cooked in soup or stew.  Of course, various types of fresh hot peppers can be found — and are inventively used — all over central and southern Europe, but many Hungarians are convinced that the best European hot peppers with a pointed shape grow only in Hungary.  (Sounds like New Mexico.)

Cut to the barely known community of Littlerock, California, which is about half the size of NetHeadChef’s “P’ville,” with one post office instead of two, and without the university.  It’s a pleasant place, and various farm stores advertise specialties like jerky, fresh fruit, homemade candy, etc.  So far it’s not too different from some other towns in the California high desert.

But in the 8800 block of Pearblossom Highway, Valley Hungarian Sausage & Meat Company offers 36 kinds of homemade sausage — most European, some not — together with sliced cold cuts, Hungarian plate lunches, pierogies, an amazing range of Hungarian specialties in jars, cans, and bags (even Hungarian pasta!), and, naturally, homemade dill pickles.  Their fresh Hungarian sweet sausage is exceptional, and I say that without fear of contradiction.

Littlerock is about 40 miles east of Santa Clarita, or about 70 miles northeast of downtown LA.  It’s worth the drive, but I would call or e-mail first to confirm hours:

Valley Hungarian Sausage & Meat Company
8809 Pearblossom Highway
Littlerock, CA 93543
Ph: (661) 944-3351


Strange confluence. June 6, 2008

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I got an invitation to join the Cooking Club of America today. I can’t find a really good web presence for them (seems all they have up is a “visitors only” page), but it sounds like an okay deal — I pay $12/year, they send me a cooking magazine and cooking products to try out every now and then. Opinions on the Internet range from “this is a scam, they just want to sell you stuff” to “sure, but you can ignore the sale offers and just check out the goodies,” so we’ll see how it goes. Looks like this place might just have some product reviews along with all the NOM NOM NOM jabber.

What else would you like to see? We have a request for good vegetarian stuff already, but there’s a whole world of food out there. Baking? Potluck and party food? Tapas? Should I occasionally branch out (HAH! geddit?) into discussion of food gardening? Let’s get the ball rolling (and ignore my lack of work on a header; I think I need to take a couple of good food pictures).

— Sara

Placeholder. June 4, 2008

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Eventually, this will be a food blog co-authored by Sara of Misfit In Any Space and Alicia of Daintier, Smarter, Better Dressed.  Until the end of the week and whenever we both get less busy, enjoy our placeholder, feel free to link to us (because you know it’s going to be awesome) and visit us at our current homes! 

(And let us know what you’d like to see here!  This isn’t a democracy but we’re open to suggestions anyway.)