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KotW: Roosevelt County Chicken October 2, 2008

Posted by schizodigestive in chicken, Kip of the Week, New Mexico.

If you want something that’s quicker than green chile stew, and a lot less work than pollo adovado, but still has that ineffable chile flavor..

6 chicken thighs, boned and skinned (no need to thaw if they’re frozen)
2 or 3 ripe tomatoes in bite-size chunks, or two dozen cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes cut in half
6 to 8 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon oil
2 four-ounce cans diced green chiles (Hatch if you can get ’em, Ortega if you must)
1 cup chicken stock
1 teaspoon Creole seasoning

Broil the chicken thighs till browned on both sides. For the last three minutes of broiling, add the tomatoes to the pan.

Meanwhile, sauté the garlic slowly in the oil until golden brown. Add the chicken, tomatoes and pan juices to the garlic and oil. Dust the chicken pieces with the Creole seasoning. Add the green chiles and chicken stock, using some of the stock to rinse the can. Simmer until chicken is tender. Serve over brown rice or noodles.

© /KC October 2008



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