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KotW: Triple Pepper Bowties September 24, 2008

Posted by schizodigestive in all-in-one, Kip of the Week, pasta, vegetarian.

So the NEW MEXICO REDHEAD posts a recipe seasoned ONLY with BLACK pepper and calls it “balanced!” I’ll show her some balance

two tablespoons corn oil
12 cloves garlic, diced
one medium yellow onion, diced
10-oz bag crimini mushrooms or white mushrooms, sliced
1/2 cup wet-pack dried tomatoes, chopped
15-oz can whole kernel corn, drained
9-oz package shelled edamame
two big roasted red bell peppers, diced
4-oz can green chiles

1/2 lb. mini-bowties or mini-penne

red flake pepper, or taco mix
shredded Romano cheese

Warm the corn oil in a deep saute pan, add the garlic and onions, turn heat to medium and stir frequently until garlic is well browned and onion is transparent to golden. Add mushrooms and cook, stirring, until raw look is gone and mushrooms are shedding liquid. Add tomatoes, corn, edamame, and red and green peppers. Keep this mixture warm while you cook the pasta.

Cook the pasta till nearly done, drain it and add it while very hot to the vegetable mixture. Stir thoroughly.

Serve with flake pepper and grated cheese.

© /KC September 2008



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