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KotW: Fennel, Potato and Prosciutto Soup September 3, 2008

Posted by schizodigestive in Kip of the Week, poultry, soups and stews.

In late summer or early fall you’ll find the magic moment for this soup — when you can still pick tender fennel bulbs out of your garden or buy them in a produce market, but your evenings will be cool enough that you’ll welcome a dish that’s hot and satisfying without being heavy.

3 quarts flavorful chicken stock (carcass stock or low-sodium organic box stock)
2-3 chicken thighs skinned

3-4 medium to large fennel bulbs
3 tablespoons butter

4 cups (packed) fennel fronds pulled off stems
1 cup stock out of the pot
1 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup cream cheese

3 to 8 potatoes, depending on size and type, peeled and diced
3 ounces prosciutto, diced

Bring stock to boil. Add chicken pieces and allow to simmer till meat is tender. Remove chicken pieces, let cool slightly, shred meat and return shreds to stock.

Clean fennel bulbs and fronds VERY carefully. Slice bulbs thin and cook slowly in butter till tender. Add potatoes and prosciutto to stock and leave on fast simmer.

Put fennel fronds, then cream cheese, then yogurt, then stock in food processor and puree to neon-green mush. Turn out mixture into sieve over cup or bowl and press mixture till dry. Set bowl aside. Discard pulp in sieve. Rinse food processor tank, then puree sauteed fennel and pan juices. Add fennel to stock.

When potatoes are nearly done, bring soup to boil, add fennel/dairy mixture from bowl and stir just until combined. Serve with toasted chunks of a sourdough baguette or ciabatta.

© /KC September 2008



1. sarawr - September 4, 2008

I would suggest two additions when colder weather hits: One, some ground black pepper; two, delicious fresh corn. I don’t know why, but things with potatoes and corn are absolutely awesome when the mercury drops.

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