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Strange confluence. June 6, 2008

Posted by schizodigestive in Uncategorized.

I got an invitation to join the Cooking Club of America today. I can’t find a really good web presence for them (seems all they have up is a “visitors only” page), but it sounds like an okay deal — I pay $12/year, they send me a cooking magazine and cooking products to try out every now and then. Opinions on the Internet range from “this is a scam, they just want to sell you stuff” to “sure, but you can ignore the sale offers and just check out the goodies,” so we’ll see how it goes. Looks like this place might just have some product reviews along with all the NOM NOM NOM jabber.

What else would you like to see? We have a request for good vegetarian stuff already, but there’s a whole world of food out there. Baking? Potluck and party food? Tapas? Should I occasionally branch out (HAH! geddit?) into discussion of food gardening? Let’s get the ball rolling (and ignore my lack of work on a header; I think I need to take a couple of good food pictures).

— Sara



1. Alicia - June 6, 2008

I think we should make it a point to try lots of different cuisines and to post cooking experiments, even if they’re disastrous.

I’m going to try to do dinner party menus, how to plan and cook to pack lunches, baking, how to present food so that it looks as good as it tastes and well, everything really.

I just don’t think we should limit ourselves. That may be my undoing.

2. Marina - June 6, 2008

Food gardening entries would be awesome. I have to admit to a crush on Jamie Oliver who has a wonderful TV series whereby he goes into his tinytiny garden, picks up a few things and then makes a 5 course gourmet dinner using only those self-cultivated things!

Plus, reading about your gardening tips makes me all nostalgic for growing up in my grandad’s greenhouse.

3. totallyscruffy - June 7, 2008

One thing we can, and should, do here is simply encourage people to cook — as an adaptation to a changing world.

Think about young people, poor people any age, and seniors. Because of weird economics and demographics right now, there are steadily more of all three. None of them (us) are in a good place when food gets more expensive. But one of the best ways to keep your food costs down is by knowing how to cook.

Example: The price of a whole small roasting chicken at my corner Safeway fluctuates weirdly. Sometimes it’s $1.79 a pound, mostly it’s $1.59, often enough it’s $.99 and once in a great while it’s $.69. I shop there anyway so I check the price two or three times a week. At the lowest price, one chicken typically costs about $3.50.

I roasted one on Wednesday and that night we had it hot. Thursday night we had cold chicken sandwiches, and I started a stockpot from the carcass. Last night we had the last of the meat chopped up in a fancy green salad. Tonight we’ll have soup. Okay, yes, cost of other materials, cost of cooking fuel. But that’s still four meals for two people — and probably some leftover soup — starting with a chicken that cost less than four bucks. It’s all in knowing how to cook.

We are in the beginnings of a food crisis, it’s going to get more acute, and people who typically buy microwave stuff, frozen stuff, and big pieces of meat will just have to figure out more efficient ways to put food on the table. And a place like this can take the lead around that by making it clear how good your own cooking can be.

4. Mer - June 12, 2008

You folks know anything about capital-r Raw Food at all? Preferably without the insane enzyme religion that goes with it? Some of it sounds pretty yummy and full of interesting preparation techniques, but the people who are really into it are… weird. I don’t like them.

5. Alicia - June 12, 2008

I actually do know a bit about Raw food and am trying to get into it without going completely insane and becoming a Raw lifestyle devotee. I’ll definitely explore it more and report back here. šŸ™‚

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